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Lykos Winery

Visitable Unit

Malakondas Eretria, 34008 Evia, Greece

Business Type

Winery and Restaurant

Main Product

Wines & Cosmetics made from grapes

Responsible for Visitable Unit

Ms. Nana Lykou

Lykos Winery was founded in 1991 by Apostolos Lykos and is located in Evia Island, just 80 km from Athens at the area of Malakonda- Eretria.

It was a sequence of his family restaurant which produced its wine to serve the customers. The restaurant is still running next to the Winery and both coexist for winetourists.

Lykos family is third generation winemakers, who give respect to winemaking tradition while complimenting these traditions with the utilization of cutting edge technology.

They continue to realize the vision of the family which is to contribute to the continuous improvement of Evian vineyard.
The vineyards are spanning at both sides of south central Evia, mountainous Boeotia and in the Koutsi area of Nemea.
The unique collaboration of sun, earth and human knowledge creates an explosive effect, combining the ideal terroir aura of Evian with the uniqueness of the cold winter which favors the phenolic ripening of the grapes.
All the rich experience of creation that has passed from grandparents to grandchildren with passion and love has resulted in our wines receiving numerous international awards.
Today, the expert trilogy of Panseloinos , the exotic Malagousia , matured oak barrelled Iliatoras , mighty Kratistos and the rest of wine collection, results in the ideal value for money making our products of true appeal to all wine lovers .
The visited winery tour of the underground cellars with oak barrels and the tasting room is a unique experience combined with the tasteful suggestions of the homonymous family`s restaurant.
A visit to our winery in Malakonda, which overlooks the main road of wines of Evia is the ideal trip to the countryside with its archaeological sites and diamond tastes!