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The Region of Central Greece is the country's second largest in terms of surface size, located literally in the “heart of Greece”, less than an hour drive from Athens. The Region comprises five regional units, i.e., Fthiotida, Evia with Skyros, Viotia, Fokida, and Evrytania.

Central Greece is well-known for its great variety of scenery, land, and production resources, encompassing valleys, mountains, fir and pine forests, pastures, and an endless and rich coastline.

Sitting at the crossroads of important sea routes, highways, and railways, the Region of Central Greece solidifies its strategic position and importance regarding the national as well as the European economy as a whole.

Regional Unit of Evrytania

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Regional Unit of Fokida

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Regional Unit of Viotia

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Regional Unit of Fthiotida

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Regional Unit of Evia

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