The Product's Basket

Central Greece gives birth to a wide range of agrifood products of exceptional quality due to the variety of its landscapes, soils, and its microclimate conditions, as well as on account of its rich gastronomic heritage and its long-standing tradition in the sustainable use of natural resources.

Table olives, olive oil, vegetables, dairy products, fish, honey, shelled pistachios, walnuts, almonds, dried figs, kiwis, mushrooms, wines, and many other traditional delicacies and products constitute only a tiny part of the gastronomic treasure the Region of Central Greece has to offer.

Equally importantly, though, many internationally renowned PDO and PGE products originate from the blessed land of Central Greece.

11 PDO Products

Katiki Domokou
Formaela Arachovas
Feta cheese

Konservolia Amfissis
Konservolia Atalantis
Konservolia Stilidas
Konservolia Rovion

Pistachio of Fthiotida

Sundried Figs of Taxiarchis
Sundried Figs of Kimi

Kiwi Spercheiou

20 PGI Wines

Retsina of Viotia
Retsina of Evia
Retsina of Gialtra
Retsina of Thiva
Retsina of Karystos
Retsina of Chalkida

Slopes of Kithairona
Slopes of Parnithas
Slopes of Knimidas
Atalantis Valley

Evia, Fthiotida, Ritsona, Karystos, Thiva, Martino, Lilantio Field, Opountia Lokridas, Central Greece