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Our love for pure and natural ingredients began from the memories we have of our early years with our grandmother, who put olive oil in her face, resulting in her flawless and luminous skin. Years later we began seeking the means of production for handcrafted products for skincare in the most natural way. We began by making soaps, which gift us with cleanliness, wellness, health and newness. Beeswax salves for protection, hydration, nourishment and regeneration, with vegetable oils, butters, essential oils, vitamins, etc. for ourselves, our children, and our friends.
Our products had such resonance that after long research and experimentation we decided to gather our strength and, in 2012, create the company “Laurus Nobilis”. Certainly, what helped us were the favorable conditions that have been developed in recent years in the field of cosmetics from pure natural materials. The herbs we use stem from our land. We use virgin olive oil and pure raw beeswax by local producers. For flavoring we use essential oils, natural herbs, fruit juices and herbs. The coloration is achieved with herbal substances, spices and herbs. They are ecological and do not leave any waste. We are animal-friendly and we will never allow animal testing. Most of our products contain herbal substances, the beneficial parts of the plant that are dried for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use, in which all the healing effects of the plant are concentrated. Wild rose, aloe, rosemary, laurel, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, peppermint, sampucus, hypericum and chamomile are some of the plants either cultivated by ourselves or purchased from local producers, by collecting their valuable ingredients.

We produce our products in the laboratory located at Schimatari MD of the Municipality of Tanagra, (60 km north of Athens). At the foot of the municipality, there is the City of Ancient Tanagra, with the famous Tanagra figurines which are models of ideal beauty and fashion.