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Glikaki was established in May 2011 at the village Oxilithos Kimi Evia island, Greece, an area known as Mystras of Evia island, due to the intense religious tradition and the four (4) Byzantine churches that exist in the village. Our region is particularly known for its local products, such as dried figs, honey, olive oil, wine and derivatives of grape molasses , the sentzouki, the quince jelly.

Glikaki produces under the traditional recipes, sweets , jams, pastries and cookies, using exclusively as a raw material fruits and nuts from the region .

Our workshop is located on the main road of Athens to Kimi, just 2 km away from the port of Kimi, where offs the ferry to Skyros – Sporades. It is easily accessible. Our products are ISO-HACCP certificated and have been analyzed by an accredited laboratory as for the nutrition facts. The length of our products is two (2) years. All the fruit (almost 90% of production) comes from our own fields or from local farmers, so the raw material is ensured and in abundance.

We distribute our products all over Greece (40 spot retail sales) and develop intensive export orientation (Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy).

Ορόσημο για την επιχείρηση μας αποτελεί η βράβευση μας το 2016 από τον παγκοσμίου φήμης διαγωνισμό Great Taste Awards με ένα χρυσό αστέρι για το προϊόν μας “Φρέσκια μαρμελάδα σύκου με αστεροειδή γλυκάνισο”

Our vision is to highlight our blessed land and at the same time to live and evolve, together with our children, on the land of our ancestors , while offering decent living conditions in many of our fellow villagers .