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Πρόδρομος (Χώστια) Θηβών Βοιωτίας, Τ.Κ.32010

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Βαβίτσα Ελένη

Emmelia honey products founded in 2013, but it is a family business 25 years of which we are proud successors.

Having as our stable value absolute respect to nature, our goal is to offer high quality bee products, keeping intact all natural nutritional and therapeutic properties.
Our company is small enough so that we can personally take care of every aspect and ensure the highest quality honey.

One of the things we learned as beekeepers descendants is that one can produce staggering honey even from a small number of cells.

For this reason we choose our sites carefully and never mix honey from different locations.Every apiary has its own particular tone and character and this is reflected in honey when you try it.

The natural enzymes present in honey are maintained during processing and thus the product you have in your jar is just as it was in the cell.