Anopaea Organic Estate is situated at the slopes of Kallidromo mountain of Fthiotida – Central Greece, just above Thermopylae, at an altitude of 450 meters. It is named by the ancient name of the mountain and Anopaea Nymphe that was protecting the mountain. It consists of 4,9 acres semi-mountainous, unirrigated and unsprayed, family olive grove, where by choice we do not use any sprays or fertilizers, not even the ones that are allowed in organic farming.

We produce ultra-premium, organic, extra virgin olive oils of limited production, from green olives of the Greek olive tree varieties of “MANAKI” & “KORONEIKI”. Our organic EVOOs are “cold” extracted (<27o C), solely by mechanical methods. Unfiltered and bottled by physical flow, in numbered bottles.

All are intensively fruity and aromatic. The aroma of fresh olives is combined with herbal notes from the countryside of central Greece, cool smell of freshly cut grass, green tomato and artichoke, while dried fruits and citrus can be recognized by taste.

All are products of organic farming, of very low acidity (0,15-0,30% during standardization time), only produced by our own personal olive groves. The groves are inspected and certified by the Greek Certification and Inspection Organization of Organic Products – DIO, according to the European Regulation 834/2007. DIO also inspects and certifies both olive oil extraction and standardization.

Gold Medal Organic Olive Oils – KOTINOS International Olive Oil Competition 2018
Bronze Medal - ATHENA International Olive Oil Competition 2018
Bronze Medal - LONDON International Olive Oil Competition 2018