The Chamber of the islands of Evia


The Evia Chamber, which was founded in 1934, constitutesan institutionalized counselor of the State in order to protect and develop entrepreneurship. This organization is summoned to listen to the pulse of the market and systematically record the real needs of enterprises.

Today the Evia Chamber has approximately 16,500 registered businesses. Its aim is to contribute to their sustainable development and to ensure a healthy frame of reference in which they can foster local prosperity. For this reason, the Evia Chamber is in constant and regular contact with its members, the Prefecture, with the local authorities, informing, and advocating on behalf of the business community. In this way, it invests in human resources creating the basis for building a stable and reliable infrastructure, for improving and constantly increasing itsprovided services, seeking to establish them as a tool for each new era.

  • It is the body that stands by the small business and covers its needs, experiencing its problems, knowing the particular difficulties and opportunities of each region. That is why it plays a particularly important role in terms of representation, lobbying, and drafting substantial proposals in decision-making.
  • It systematically sets policies and measures with the aim of strengthening small businesses and their environment.
  • It takes measures which help businesses to overcome the obstacles posed by the lack of critical mass.
  • It aims at improving their skills and gaining more opportunities to increase their competitiveness and expansion.

The Evia Chamber is beside the middle-class business as itis able to take substantial and really useful initiatives.

  • It can build channels and find codes of communication withcounterparts in other countries to function as a transfer channel of technology and experience issues of more simplified processes and improve services to enterprises, particularly on issues of expansion.
  • In addition it can undertake networking actions in business communities so as to develop partnerships in areas which utilize common profits and features of the region.

The Evia Chamber

  • Formulates and makes its proposals to local authorities and relevant ministries on the issues of the productive classes of entrepreneurship and local economy.
  • Participates in the Central Union of Greek Chambers conferences and other Bodies – e.g. the Association of the Greek Industries-the Representatives of the productive classes, to promote proposals for the support of their businesses.
  • Organizes conferences and other informative events in Evia, the mainpurpose beingto inform its members on current business and economic issues in an effective way. Alongside this, it gives the opportunity for members to express their own views, positions and concerns in the field of their business.
  • Performs trade missions aiming at developingeither bilateral or multilateral international trade cooperation, at exchanging information, and finally, at succeeding in the promotion and expansion ofEvian entrepreneurship.
  • Studies European projects, having created an exclusive service (part of the European Programs) to provide detailed and timely information to all the members, depending on the program with which they are concerned and a substantial contribution to the implementation of the program in which each member wants to participate.
  • Carries out seminars for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in hygiene and food safety (EFET) and safety techniques. For the same purpose through OAED programs, it educates business executives across Evia.
  • Participates in international exhibitions and provides the opportunity for its members to participate in a pavilion free of charge, in order to promote their products and make their business arrangements, generally seeking to make exports out of Evia and direct Evian business establishments to expansion.
  • Participates with representatives of a large number of committees, councils and working groups,on local or regional level, so that it has the proper knowledge and point of view of essential issues as regards development.

Through these, it contributes to a better functioning of the Commissions and Councils and promotes the interests of professional classes.

The Evia Chamber, believing that the strengthening of vocational education and training is a necessary condition for the development of entrepreneurship and responsive to the institutional role, has developed a series of initiatives such as:

  • Elaboration of sectorial studies,participation in European programs (such as ADAPT initiative etc.), participation in the ERASMUS project whose object is the establishment of two databases through remote entrepreneurship education.
  • The Chamber is a nationwide pioneer,training its members through these programs by offering them specialized and high-quality education. Through this action,from 2004 till today, it has carried out 10 programs,20 flows in many European countries such as Holland, Germany, Austria, England, Spain, Italy and Cyprus. In these projects the Chamber participates with equity, performing operations which are not only covered by the programs, e.g. translation throughout Mobility, but also with organizational support, both implementation and all phases of the Plan. So, the Chamber implements European Educational and Training Programs abroad, including several entrepreneurs from various fields as well as giving them the opportunity to develop their skills.

These programs help entrepreneurs substantially as regards their staff, their professional and intercultural level, giving them the opportunity to come into contact with new business environments and gain knowledge of foreign markets.

In this way, they socialize and communicate with entrepreneurs and business people in other European countries, gaining significant experience and knowledge of key business issues, adapted to the demands of modern and competitivemarkets.

Besides this, they become familiar with the use of new technologies and learn about innovation. They enter the market of the European Union and its legislative framework and foster European Professional -awareness.


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