Visitable Unit

Dombraina, Thiva, Greece

Business Type

Cottage industry of honey & olive oil products

Main Product

Honey and olive oil

Responsible for Visitable Unit

Mr. Anastasios Stamelos

Let us welcome our family beekeeping family and the magical bee world.

We are a pure family business, having an immediacy in both production and processing, enriching our products with the love and passion that distinguishes us. Our headquarters are in Domvraina, Thiva. Besides the traditional bee products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, we also have a small honey and olive oil production where we produce special products.

Our products are pure products of excellent quality respecting the Greek tradition. You will find the honey products <> the <> cottage products and the beaches - beauty products <>

With particular features, our products appeal to the modern consumer who has a strong personal taste and is incompatible with the quality of the products he purchases but wants to be sure about the quality of the food he himself and his family consumes.