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Petra, Viotia

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Mr. Nikos Zacharias

Lost Lake Distillery is a modern distillery located on the banks of the Lost Lake, in the plain of Copais. With raw material from the Valley of Muses and 9 different varieties of grapes grown there, the Cadalpe copper distilled copper beet gives a drop of some of the most noble aromas that the heart of distillation gives us.

The careful selection that starts in the vineyard, continues with the proper management of the raw material, care in the process of distillation and completes with innovation and safety in bottling, constitutes the philosophy and aim of the distillery for the production of high quality distillates with a thin and distinctive character, pure scents, mild sense of alcohol and balanced flavor.

We already have a wide range of marc spirits such as tsipouro, organic tsipouro and tsipouro with anise, as well as innovative products such as small production and rare, uncolored Mouhtaro grape distillate, a unique variety we managed to rescue and revive in our region.

The distillery has been operating since 1999 and is one of the first modern distilleries in the region. Our deep wine culture and origin transmute to the distillery the need to search for the deepest flavors of each variety. Distillation becomes a mystical process where the result should incorporate the power and characteristics of the raw material and the art of the distiller to highlight them.

Thus, each distillate is the result of a long process of thinking, visioning and implementation on the background of "Lost Lake". It has also been the vision of centuries for the people of our region and we have to carry this vision in the future with responsibility and consistency.