Aenaos Roi coop.

Visitable Unit

Voutyro Evrytania, 36100, Karpenisi

Business Type

Mushroom artisanship and museum

Main Product

Mushroom products

Responsible for Visitable Unit

Panagiotis Kavarnos

The basic principal of our coop is reflected in its name. "Aenaos" means infinite and "Roi" means flow. So sustainability is our main objective of business and mushrooms are one of the best representatives of this practice.

The most renowned chefs in the world admit that heir famous dishes rely on ingredients that are of excellent quality. Evrytania, with its unique, unspoilt nature, crystal clear streams, and mild farming activity, ensures that the quality of our products is of the highest level.

We put all these advantages in good use when creating our products, which is proved by our cooperation with Greece's top hotels and restaurants.


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