Workshop production of soap of ΚοιΣΠΕ area of Fokida

Εργαστήρι Παραγωγής Σαπουνιού του Κοι.Σ.Π.Ε. Νομού Φωκίδας

The space and employees
The workshop of soap production of ΚοιΣΠΕ Fokida is located at Larnaki region of Itea at a space of 180 square meters that the Mayor granted us, for the needs of producing soap. The workshop is one of the three actions that the ΚοιΣΠΕ has developed in aim to incorporate, as much as possible, people with mental illness in the work activity and social rehabilitation.Today,the workshop employs three members whereas in the other two actions of the Association (a store with organic products and a tourist office of alternative tourism, in Amfissa) recipients of mental health services are trained and employed.

The workshop at this stage can support the production of approximately six hundred(600) soaps each 100grams per week. Our main goal is in the near future to enrich our workshop with new products such as liquid soap, soap powder etc.

The production
The workshop began in June 2014 with organic olive oil exclusively from producers and olive mills of our region. Caustic soda is used as a fermentation of all oils. At the end of the productive process essences are added such as cinnamon,lavender,mint,jasmine and rose. There is a soap though without essence. The essence apart from the perfume gives the final product the proportionate element of the herb. The final product is stored in a special place as to mature on stable temperature for about two months. After the maturation it is packed and ready to be purchased. The whole process till the final product is held with extreme care and caution under conditions of absolute hygiene and an active participation of our staff.

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