Farmer in the Heart of Greece

In “Farmer in the Heart of Greece” we work with passion on promoting and developing products and services rooted in the agro-nutritional potential, tradition and culture of central Greece.

Our enterprise is involved in:
• High quality food production
• Retail and wholesale services of local products
• Development, event planning and networking services
• Gastronomy and food serving facilities

Our projects:
• Gastronomy | Food serve | Wholesale & Retail: “Delfini” food store in Kamena Vourla
• E-commerce:
• AgroTourism | Culture:
• Development | Exports:
• Production :

We continuously build strong partnerships with other enterprises, local producers, research institutions, experts and scientists.

Our 1+1+1 Values
Our activities are based on positive Social impact, on sustainable Economic development and on the protection of the local Environment that hosts our activities and our projects.