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Tzounara Winery

Tzounara Winery, a family-owned business located in the region of Vagia in the Prefecture of Viotia, has been engaged in the production and marketing of wines since 1990.
Wine making is carried out in modern presses and stainless steel tanks for controlled fermentation. The company has received the ISO 22000: 2005 certification for quality assurance.
Our high-quality wines are produced from our privately-owned wine yards and other partner wine yards in the region. The wines we have are:

“Small Miracle” dry white wine PGI Thebes , from Greek varieties Malagouzia and Assyrtiko,750ml

“Klima Tzounara” dry white wine PGI Thebes, from Greek varieties Roditis and Assyrtiko, 750ml

“Klima Tzounara” dry red wine PGI Thebes, from varieties Agiorgitiko and Merlot, 750ml

“Yolo”semi-dry white wine, multi-varietal from our region, 750ml
“Yolo” semi-dry red wine, multi-varietal from our region, 750ml