Visitable Unit

13 Klm Karpenisiou - Prousou, Karpenisi, 36100, Greece

Business Type

Fish Farm

Main Product


Responsible for Visitable Unit

Angeliki Gioldasi

Fresko company started on 2012 with the first production to be on the market on 2013. Since the beginning produces high quality trouts with respect to the environment.

Three basic factors which foster the production of a high quality fish:

  • slow growth in crystal clear waters
  • daily cleanliness
  • certified feed

We produce our own fish eggs and after at least 18-20 months the trouts reach the desired weight, suitable for selling.

In 2016 we started producing smoked trout and so far we have three differnt products:

  • Smoked trout - whole fish
  • Smoked fillet
  • Smoked marinated trout - fillet

Smoked trout requires a procedure of 3 days which takes place entirly at our fish farm's facilities, under strict regulations of ISO22000 and HACCP.