Eleonas olive oil

Visitable Unit

Rovies Evia Island Greece 34005

Unit Availability

Farm open to visitors with appointment only. Hotel opens from March to September

Business Type

Farm & Agrotouristic Hotel

Main Product

Olive oil, table olives, and accommodation services

Responsible for Visitable Unit

Stefanos Vallis

Cultivation of the olive tree in the Rovies area has its origin in very distant past. Our olive grove is sheltered from the northern wind and open to the sea breeze from the Evoikos bay. The soil is good and suitable for this tree and, with our care and organic farming, the grove produces first rate table olives (Kalamata, Amfiss, Plum Olives varieties) and olive oil (from Koroneiki variety).

The olives intended for oil are at the oil-mill within 48 hours maximum.

The olive oil is produced at the cooperative oil-mill in Rovies by cold pressing and at temperatures which do not exceed 27°C at all stages. It is extra virgin organic olive oil certified by BIO HELLAS, with up to 0,5 acidity.

Our olive oil, the natural juice from the olives, has strong aroma, lovely green color, fruity taste and a pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste characteristic of its freshness.

It is ideal both for salads and cooking. You can use it also for baking sweets. It must be kept in a cool and dry place.