CUMA Dried figs of Kymi

The company CUMA Dried figs of Kymi is active in the production, drying and packaging of figs in the Meletians of Kimi, aiming at their marketing in Greece and abroad, having as main pillar the quality of the products they choose.

Syko Kimi, unique in its kind and recognized as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, is produced exclusively in the area of Kimi. Drying and packaging is done manually, without the use of preservatives, so that the Kykem Sykis is always a natural product.

Our goal is to offer a wide variety of nutritious, quality and certified products to our customers, while maintaining the best value for money relationship, and to inform consumers of the beneficial properties of these products, the amount to be consumed and for their maintenance conditions.

The company is staffed by people with appropriate experience and know-how, and collaborates with specialists from the wider professional sector, utilizing their services and know-how to ensure production within the specified product specifications.

So our products are distinguished for their excellent quality. After selective sorting, they are channeled both domestically and abroad in standardized quantities and at wholesale and retail prices.

Through a well-organized transport network (privately-owned truck fleet, air transport, container transportation & sea transport), it can guarantee the consistency of its services with the world's most competitive prices.