Three years ago we began the cultivation of some new crops (superfoods): Goji Berry, Blueberry, Aronia, Hippophaes, e.t.c. This effort led us to the creation of Berryland P.C. Now,we have a network of cultivators under our instructions, following natural ways of farming. Fruits and vegetables are processed with respect to the superior nature of the produce used. The fruits then processed into new and exceptional products coming from Greek land. All of our products are packed into glass jars, and due to our processing method,contain no artificial preservatives. Berries are organic. Most of our recipes does not exist anywhere in the world(goji berry pickled,spoonsweet aronia with edible silver)
Berryland products are export to 15 countries.

All products are packaged in glass jars & thanks to this method of treatment there are no artificial preservatives.

Our fruits are organic.

Most of our recipes are unique in the world.

Certifications: IFS, ISO, HACCP