Bee Naturalles

Visitable Unit

25is Martiou 8, Nea Artaki, 346 00, Euboea

Business Type

Lab, apiary, physical store

Main Product

Organic apiculture products · Natural skin care products

Organic apiculture products · Natural skin care products

Having finished our studies in natural sciences, environmental physics and art, we decided to leave town and relocate our productivity to Euboea Island with its breathtaking nature and rich biodiversity. We were enamoured by its enticements and had to discover its secrets.

Therefore, in 2013, using a combination of raditional knowledge and science we set up our laboratory and put our motto ‘enclosing nature’ into practice. To create a product line with 100% natural ingredients that encloses the beneficial and the healing intelligence of nature.

Our products are a mix of unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic apiculture products, plant and herbal extracts, and essential oils. Bee Naturalles’ production depends upon nature’s seasonality and prolificacy. Our mission is to help people build healthy habits, create a nature-centered lifestyle and foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding, knowledge and harmony. Bee Naturalles. Founded with discipline & passion by Giorgios Athanasiadis and Chara Mangana, in 2013, Euboea Island, Greece.

Giorgios Athanasiadis & Chara Mangana