Athenian Family Bakery Ferro

Athenian Family Bakery Ferro S.A. we are a manufacturer in Greece that successfully entered the international market in 1992. Since then we have grown in strength, now supplying many companies and major supermarket chains around the world, with particular strengths in the  brands & private label sector. We currently supply Carrefour, Spar, Metro, Delhaize, Lidl, Aldi and other Leading Retailers.

Our products have been successful through Europe, the Middle East, Australia and in USA. We pride ourselves on delivering continued range extension and innovation and have further exciting plans for the year.

We are certified with the Quality and Assurance Certificates HACCP, ISO, IFS and BRC.

Athenian Family Bakery Ferro S.A. has received numerous awards such as Golden Award by the German Agricultural Society for our Wafer Rolls 375g (Flavours Hazelnut, Vanilla, Almond & Cappuccino) which we have won for 3 years in a row (2014, 2015 and 2016), Silver Award for Wafer Rolls with yoghurt and Mini Wafer Rolls and Low Fat Breadsticks have been awarded by SIAL Paris.

Our company specializes in high quality snack and traditional bakery products.

Our main ranges are:

  • Breadsticks:  crispy, delicious and healthy snack which remains the best-selling product in the whole cracker category.
  • Cretan Recipe Breadsticks: is a unique range with our company’s traditional recipe, differentiates in taste, shape and texture.
  • Bake Stix: traditional, crunchy and tasty mini breadsticks targeted towards the younger consumers.
  • Low Fat Breadsticks: mini breadsticks with our low fat recipe. Awarded SIAL – Paris
  • Mediterranean Mini Breadsticks: A light and crunchy tasty snack
  • Organic (Biological) Breadsticks:  with the finest organic ingredients
  • Greek Style Breadsticks:  Traditional breadsticks based on the Mediterranean style.
  • Wafer Rolls: Filled wafer rolls with several exquisite flavours, in very high quality packaging. Awarded with Golden Award of the German Society of Agriculture.
  • Wafer Rolls with Yoghurt:  filled with a base of dried yoghurt and fruits). Awarded by the German Agricultural Society.
  • Minicello:  Milk chocolate covered wafer sticks a with delicious filling. Ideal for chocolate occasions
  • Palmiers: Puff pastry biscuits with a very light texture, ideal to accompany coffee and tea.
  • Digestives: Whole grain biscuits with the unique ingredient of oat flakes. Rich in dietary fibre.
  • Mikro Cookies:  Mini cookies in small standing bags, ideal for on the go snacking and at the supermarket tills on a nice display carton.