Atalanti - Anestakos Family

Our company is a family business which is involved with organic agriculture since 2005. Since 2011 we have our own laboratory of processing and standardization of olives and olive oil.

The organic farming and packaging facilities of the Anestakos family are located in Atalanti Fthiotida (sentral Greece) and are certified by the organization TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS (GR 15 – BIO)

Quality – Ingredients

Our standardized products have low salt content as a basic characteristic

2.We don’t use thermal processing for our olives , so our products retain all their sensory ingredients and the beneficial substances

3.The olives natural fermentation lasts 4 and 9 months

4.We use organic vinegar that has matured naturally , without any addition of sulphurous substances

5.The organic extra virgin olive oil that we use is produced in a cold environment


ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΕΣ ΕΛΙΕΣ ΚΑΛΑΜΩΝ 1. Ελιες Καλαμων χωρις αλατι , 2. Ελιες Καλαμων σε ελαιολαδο , 3. Ελιες Καλαμων σε αλμη

ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΕΣ ΕΛΙΕΣ ΠΡΑΣΙΝΕΣ 1. Ελιες Πρασινες σε ελαιολαδο , 2. Ελιες Πρασινες σε αλμη

ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΕΣ ΕΛΙΕΣ ΜΑΥΡΕΣ 1. Ελιες μαυρες σε ελαιολαδο , 2. Ελιες μαυρες σε αλμη

ΒΙΟΛΟΓΙΚΕΣ ΕΛΙΕΣ ΘΡΟΥΜΠΕΣ 1. Ελιες θρουμπες σε ελαιολαδο



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