The ASKADA farm is located in Kymi, in an area known for its unique sundried figs. They have a rich flesh and a taste that makes them distinct from all other figs internationally. A quality product, which thrives in the specific and limited microclimate of Kymi’s Aegean countryside. Also, one of the firsts that was certified as PDO from the European Union.

“ΑΣΚΑΔΑ”: Δύο ομοιόμορφα ενωμένα σύκα…
“ASKADA”: Η προσπάθεια, το ψάξιμο, η ένωση, το ταίριασμα δυο όμοιων σύκων αλλά και η συνεργασία, η ευχαρίστηση, η προσφορά, η αγάπη που δίνεις και παίρνεις, η κούραση αλλά και η ξεκούραση που σου προσφέρει απλόχερα το τελικό προϊόν. Είναι οι μνήμες και οι θύμησες, οι μυρωδιές απ’ τα καζάνια με τα δαφνόφυλλα… Είναι το παρελθόν και το παρόν μαζί. Αλλά, κυρίως, είναι η αγάπη για το σύκο…

The ASKADA farm, stable and consistent to the principles of the organic farming, produces a series of fig products, which has widened over the years, since the aim is to reconstitute the fig, this authentically gourmet treasure in products that accompanies all the moments of our day.

  • Organic Dried Figs of Kymi PDO – winner of a gold star in the Great Taste awards 2015
  • Organic sykomelo – winner of two gold stars in the Great Taste awards 2016
  • Chutney figs – winner of a gold star in the Great Taste awards 2014
  • Organic fig spread, made with raw sugar rapadura
  • Fig chocolates – dried figs in dark chocolate with thyme and fleur de sel
  • Fig chocolates – dried figs in wine, dipped in dark chocolate
  • Fig bars in three flavors, no added sugar and preservatives