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Visitable Unit


Business Type

Traditional Pasta Workshop

Main Product

Pasta, Tagliatelle, and Trachana

Responsible for Visitable Unit

Mr. Efstathios Anagnos

Our laboratory established in 1980 at Distomo Viotias.

The philosophy of our company is remaining the same through out years.

  • fresh ingredients (semolina, eggs, milk)
  • without using preservatives,
  • without chemical coloring
  • without dehydrated raw materials (egg or milk powder)

Our products are pasta with fresh goat's milk and 5 eggs per kilo (noodles, noodles, screws, shells, barley), noodles with tomatoes, onion, noodles with wheat flour, trachian tuscan, barley and spinach, tomato, onion.

Our raw materials are purchased from second- and third-generation producers who also have family businesses, and are now connecting us beyond friendly relationships, the same philosophy and goals.

The aim of our craft is:

Maintaining and continuing the tradition by adapting it to the nutritional and culinary needs of our time.

Respect for the consumer, with the personal supervision of our products at all stages of production.

To satisfy our customers according to the latest hygiene and quality assurance standards with HACCP Food Safety System Implementation.

And working with people who are looking for and interested in quality products.

In our laboratory the pasta is always fresh because it is produced according to the order of our customers and you can buy them and taste them with a production date of less than a week.