Stevia Hellas Cooperative

Visitable Unit

6th Klm N.R. Lamia-Karpenisi, Lamia, 35100, Greece

Business Type

Agricultural Cooperative

Main Product

Dry Stevia Leaves (Organic & Conventional), Crystal Stevia, and Pure Stevia Exctract for Industrial Use

Stevia Hellas Cooperative, is a modern Cooperative that is been producing products based on extracts of stevia plant. Stevia Hellas Coop, is the first in Europe cultivating stevia in large areas and is also the first successful example in Greece!

Stevia Hellas, was established in 2012, when 87 former tobacco producers changed their cultivation to that of stevia, a natural sweetener that comes directly from nature and has no calories!

It consists of the administration group and from the group of producers that work together to offer consumers excellent in quality products! The Agricultural Cooperative Stevia is based in Lamia, while the arable land of 650 acres is located in the fertile valley of Sperchios river in Central Greece.

So far it has been engaged in producing stevia leaves, which are extracted with the most modern methods and produce two main products of the Cooperative:
A. Pure stevia
B. Crystal stevia with erythritol

Right now, Stevia Hellas Coop has been distributing its products into the Greek market, with the familiar brand name: La Mia Stevia.

The collaborations are numerous, since apart from the domestic market (industries, shops), Stevia Hellas also exports its products to Europe, Africa and America!