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Agricultural Cooperative of Lamia

The Agricultural Cooperative of Lamia has a presence of over 90 years in the local economy. It is the greatest support for all the local farmers.

Being the owner of the largest factories in our region which exploit the biggest percentage of the local production, it has the opportunity to intervene in the price of the products and contributes to the increase of the competitiveness in the agricultural local economy.

It possesses a ginning mill that works continuously and it has a huge influence on the economy of the cotton.

Agricultural cooperative of Lamia also has in its possession a diary plant that collects milk only from regional farmers making it available in the local markets. It also produces feta cheese PDO, yoghurt, cocoa milk and other products.

It also owns a flour mill at Domokos which operation is based on the local wheat and distributes flour titled as “traditional flour of Domokos”.

Agricultural cooperative of Lamia also has driers and many silos for the collection of wheat and corn, deals with pesticides and provenders, provides services to farmers for technical support and for the complete guidance for new programs or anything else that worries them.

These are all the daily routine for the 90 people that working here, highlighting the cooperative as a significant employer.

It is a cooperative organization based in Lamia and with many branches in Domokos, Makrakomi, Sperchiada, Molos and in several other areas. The products of the Diary Plant can be found in many selling points, either in Lamia region or in the wider region of Fthiotida and in Athens.