Domaine Georgakopoulos

Στην πεδιάδα του Βοιωτικού Κηφισού, μεταξύ Παρνασσού και Καλλίδρομου και στη σκιά της Γορίτσας, βρίσκεται το Domaine Georgakopoulos. Ακριβώς στα όρια της Φθιώτιδας με τη Βοιωτία, στο χωριό Αγία Παρασκευή Λοκρίδας (Αγία Μαρνιώτικα Καλύβια για τους παλιότερους), η οικογένεια Γεωργακόπουλου εδώ και χρόνια φροντίζει με μεράκι τα αμπέλια της, τις ελιές και τις κυδωνιές της.

Inspired by the same love of the land as their ancestors and drawing on their knowledge of viticulture, olive growing and distilled spirits production, the younger members of the family have chosen to go against the tide and to dedicate themselves to creating quality organic products from choice ingredients, grown in this unassuming, yet unique environment.

Products such as virgin olive oil, white and red wine, jam and quince liqueur, as well as excellent tsipouro distilled in a private cauldron, are available to visitors and friends of the farm all over Greece.

The products we produce are:

Tsipouro, white and red wine, olive oil, olives, sweet quince, vinegar, pickles, noodles.

At present, the products of our farm will be found at Agia Paraskevi Locris, as well as in selected cellars, restaurants, cafes and tavernas in Athens, Fthiotida and elsewhere.

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