Karvelas Olive oil




Our company operates in olive oil and in particular the extra virgin olive oil.

Our family has remarkable production from our own olive trees, with oil produced superior quality. For years we had our olive oil in the wholesale market.

We are one of the major oil producers in the region of Eretria Malacontas  field of Evia, famous for the excellent quality olive oil.

The year 2012 we proceeded to the construction and operation of a modern investment  which standardize and package the best available olive oil from our own production and other elect local producers.

Currently our sales are export extra virgin olive oil in glass bottles of 250 ml , 500 ml and 750 ml, 1 lt in retail France, England in the US and Germany

The bottling us meet all health and safety standards and also have all necessary permits and licenses for its class in Europe and USA (FDA). We are registered with license number EL 40358.

Beautifully crafted and elegant gift box containing two bottles from the renowned Karvelas Hellas Olive Oil, produced from a truly premium olive variety. It offers guaranteed quality and high nutritional value. The biological method used for its production makes Karvelas Hellas Olive Oil exceedingly good for various nutritional needs. The oil is extracted by Olive trees cultivated in the plains and groves of Evia Island. Through a long Karvelas family tradition of olive oil stewardship they have created a Greek product of remarkable quality

The classical packaging design uses raw materials of a considerably high standard. The 200ml bottles are made of top quality Italian glass and the wooden gift box is handcrafted. Placed inside a luxury leather case this 100% Olive wood box makes the set a wonderful gift idea for any occasion, whether personal or professional.

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