Koudounis Nikolaos


(President of the Federation of Sterea Ellada Industries)

Mr. Nikolaos Koudounis is elected as the president of the Federation of Sterea Ellada Industries (SVSΤE) since 2003 and he is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business.  He is a member of the BoD of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Hellenic Association of Business Parks (ESEPPA).  He is the vice-president of the Development Company of Sterea Ellada (ANDIA S.A.) and member of the BoD of all Regional committees of the Sterea Ellada Region.  He is also president of the BoD in the Administration and Management of Thisvi Biotias Industrial Area S.A. (DIA.VI.PE.THIV S.A.), president of FITCO S.A., vice-president of SYMETAL S.A. while he has served in ELVAL S.A. as CFO (1983) and CEO (2000) and he is already member of the Audit Committee and member of its BoD Candidate Acceptance and Nomination Committee. Recently, he had the honor to be elected President of the Company for the Management of Inofyta Asopos Business Park (E.D.E.P. O.A. S.A.) and member of the BoD of Agrifood Partnership of Central Greece (ASSE). He has published several articles in magazines in the regional Press and the Press of Athens on developmental issues and issues concerning urban planning, industrial parks and corporate taxation.